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N-Methylaniline NMA

CAS No.: 100-61-8

Product name :octane booster, fuel saver n-methylaniline with cas no 100-61-8

Specifcation :

ITEMS                                   SPECIFICATION  

Appearance         Light yellow or brick red liquid        Light yellow or brick red liquid 
N-methyl aniline                98.0% min                                  96.0%  min
N,N-dimethyl aniline         1.0% max                                    3.00%  max  
Aniline                                1.0%  max                                   3.50% max

In the age of modern technology using orthodox methods of producing high-octane gasoline is increasingly unprofitable, so many companies today are looking for solutions to optimize the production process and save resources without sacrificing quality. If you want to keep up with the times, we offer a high-performance fuel additive monomethylaniline (MMA). By mixing this additive (MMA) with the gasoline, your output will be high quality unleaded gasoline with the specified octane.

Monomethylaniline - it octane additive, widely used in gasoline worldwide. In our country, many companies also have adopted this technology. This is not surprising, because the MMA provides a high-quality Gasoline 80 and Regular-92 from the gasoline without adding additives. The quality of gasoline is fully consistent with state standards. When added to a mixture of naphtha and monomethylaniline metallic additives you get premium quality gasoline-95. Fuel additive monomethylaniline certified and permitted for use in the Russian Federation and CIS.

With the introduction of 1.5-2.5% in gasoline monomethylaniline increases its octane number by an average of 6 points, depending on the fractional composition of the propellant used, and other additives. In addition, MMA improves the performance characteristics of gasoline, such as:

  • Monomethylaniline improves the stability of gasoline, including transportation and storage;
  • Reduces the cost of maintenance for gasoline storage tanks;
  • N-methylaniline reduces tar formation during storage of gasoline;
  • 5-7% reduction in fuel consumption per 100 kilometers;
  • Reduces exhaust emissions (CO and HC) by 20-30%;
  • Reduces the costs of the car.

Technical and economic calculations, use monomethylaniline more economical than the use of MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). Savings up to 30%, due to the following factors (in comparison to MTBE):

  • Monomethylaniline more efficient;
  • Savings on delivery, by reducing transport costs. This is due to the fact that 1 liter of MMA replaces 6-8l MTBE.

The mixing is carried out by a pump in the tank, by 2-fold mixtures monomethylaniline circulation and gasoline fraction. Keep the product is necessary in a closed container, protected from sunlight.


Key indicators monomethylaniline

Standard: TU 2471-269-00204168-96.

  Parameters according to Norm standard
1 Appearance: Transparent oily yellow liquid, a reddish tint match
2 Mass fraction of N - methylaniline,%, not less 98.0
3 Mass fraction of aniline,%, not more 0.5
4 Water content,%, not more 0.2
5 Mass fraction demetilanilina,%, not more 1.3
6 Density at t = 200C, kg/m3 at least 97


Belongs to a class of substituted aromatic amines.
TU 2471-269-00204168-96-antiknock additive(antiknock, modifier of fire)to motor gasoline, allows to obtain unleaded gasoline by blending with the MMA, with improved performance characteristics. Used in production in order to obtain a detonation resistance and increase the octane number. Subject to the rules of addition of MMA, you can easily get the gasoline meeting state standards(GOST).
MMA also serves as an intermediate raw material in organic synthesis and for improving environmental, operational properties of gasoline and reduce the content of aromatic hydrocarbons. 
When adding N-monomethylaniline, octane number in isooctane mixture in the ratio of 70:30 of volume increases:







ot 6

and the maximum efficiency is achieved in the interaction of MTBE + MMA and fractional composition of gasoline, which as a complex improve the properties of gasoline and allow you to:


- Reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases of cars. The introduction of additives in the gasoline allows to provide reduction of toxic hydrocarbons(CH)by 8%, and carbon monoxide(CO)by 30% in the exhaust gases of vehicles.
- Reduces the cost of vehicle maintenance.
- Due to the high detergent, antifreeze and corrosion protection properties gasoline with additive provides protection against corrosion of metal surfaces and cleanliness of the fuel tank and fuel system vehicle.
- Reduces the cost of corrosion maintenance of storage tanks for gasoline.
- Reduces the consumption of gasoline by 5 -7%.
- Improves the stability of the quality of gasoline in transportation and storage.
- Reduces the intensity of carbon formation in the combustion chamber and piston by 15 - 20%.
- Increases the induction period of gasoline.
- Increases the antioxidant properties of gasoline and reduces the formation of tar in a gasoline storage.


 Typical characteristics:


Oily transparent liquid of yellow colour. Reddish tone is allowed

Mass fraction of N-methylaniline, %,

No less than 98,0

Mass fraction of aniline, %,

No more than 0,5

Mass fraction of water, %,

No more than 0,2

Mass fraction of dimethyl aniline, %,

No more than 1,3

Density at 20°C, g/l,

No less than 975


Used both as a stand-alone component for gasoline, and for the production of multifunctional compositions of additives for gasoline. Monomethylaniline can be used in manufacture of dyes.
N-methylaniline is soluble in gasoline, alcohols, ethers, and not soluble in water.

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