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IBCs Packing

IBC  belongs to medium bulk container,  it is an indispensable tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. IBC is composed of an inner plastic container and a metal frame. The inner container is blow molded with high molecular weight and high density polyethylene, so IBC has high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygienicity.
Packed by IBCs, it can reduce the cost of production, storage, transportation and operation . Save a lot of manpower and material resources. Storage saves 35% of space compared to traditional packaging, and loading and unloading can be used by forklift, which reduces the hassle of manual handling.
Filling: 1 ton barrel = 5 200L barrels, reducing the trouble of repeated operations and avoiding waste such as material leakage and sprinkling during the filling process.
In summary, IBC packing is convenient, economical and durable. With the development of internationalization,it has gradually become the mainstream liquid packaging. It can hold dangerous goods of Class II and III. The liquid density of Class II dangerous goods is 1.5g/cm3, and the density of liquids containing Class III dangerous goods is 1.8g/cm3.
IBC structure is reasonable, firm and strong, can be directly loaded and unloaded by forklift, and can be stored in stacking. Its bottom is equipped with a drain valve, liquid discharge is convenient, rapid, thorough and safe. It is easy to clean and can be used repeatedly for many times, saving energy and conducive to environmental protection.

At present, we mainly use SCHUTZ which is from Germany brand, which has excellent quality.