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Packing and Label

Packing and Label

Exporting chemicals not only requires the most professinal handling way, but also security assurance, especially for Dangerous Chemicals

it refers to the chemicals with the property of toxic, corrosion, explosion, combustion and combustion assistance, which are harmful to human, facilities and environment.

Therefore, the dangerous chemicals are divided into 9 categories in Packaged Form, pls find below Classification:

Class I Explosive Articles

Class 2 Compressed Gas
Class 3 Flammable Liquid
Class 4 Flammable Solid
Class 5 Oxides Organic Peroxides
Class 6 Toxic Substance
Class 7 Radioactive Substance
Class 8 Corrosives 
Class 9 Other Dangerous Goods

Packed different hazardous class chemicals in different correct packing group with proper dangerous mark under UN regularity is very important for safety of human, facilities and environment, AmoyChem has full knowledge on proper packing and dangerous mark under UN regularity for dangerous goods.