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Warehouse and Storage

Warehouse and Storage
As the specialization of chemicals, it has strict requirement on Warehouse and Storage.

As we know, chemical is divided into non-dangerous and hazardrous, especially for dangerous goods, the regulation is very strict, getting the qualification need to pass through every test.

Chemical dangerous cargo warehouse is a place for storing dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, toxic, hazardous materials.
According to the subordinates and the nature of use, they are divided into two categories: A and B. Class A is for commercial warehousing, transportation and material management departments, and Class B is for enterprises. Among them, the Class A dangerous goods warehouse has large reserves and many varieties, so it is dangerous.

According to the scale, it can be divided into three categories: a large-scale dangerous goods warehouse with an area of more than 9000 square meters, a medium-sized dangerous goods warehouse with an area of 550-9000 square meters, and a small dangerous goods warehouse with a size of 550 square meters or less.
According to the structure of the dangerous goods warehouse, it is divided into under ground dangerous goods warehouse, under ground dangerous goods warehouse and semi-under ground dangerous goods warehouse.

AmoyChem has Warehouse where can store the chemicals in proper and safe way.