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CAS No.: 108-94-1
Product Name:Cyclohexanone
CAS No:108-94-1
EINECS No:203-631-1 
HS Code:2914220000
Molecular formula:C6H10O
Production of caprolactam and adipic acid raw materials, used as paint, ink, synthetic resin, synthetic rubber solvents and th
Product Name:Cyclohexanone
 CAS No:108-94-1

Items Specification Results
Appearance Transparent liquid,no visible impurities Qualified
Purity 99.8%min 99.94%
Acidity(as acetic acid)  0.01%max 0.006
Density(20℃)(g/cm3 0.946-0.947 0.945-0.947
Distillation range(at 0℃,101.3kpa) 153.0-157.0℃ 153.7-155.2℃
The temperature interval distillate 95ml 1.5℃max 1.1℃
Chromaticity (in Hazen)Pt-Co 15max 5
Moisture 0.10%max 0.046%
Conclusion Meet the requirement of house standard.

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