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Molybdenum Diakyldithiocarbamate( MoDTC)

CAS No.: 253873-83-5
Molybdenum Diakyldithiocarbamate( MoDTC) is mainly used as friction modifier, Antiwear agent, Antioxidant in engine oils, industrial oils and greases.
Treat level: Lube oils:0.2-1.0% Greases:1.0-3.0%
Advantage: Excellent friction-reducing property; Good
Product name: Molybdenum Diakyldithiocarbamate( MoDTC)
Cas No: 253873-83-5


Items Specification Test method
Appearance Breen liquid Conforms
Solubility Soluble in lubricant bases 95.8%
Density(20℃)g/cm3 1.00-1.05 GB/T2540
Flash point(COC)℃ >150 GB/T3536
Mo % 9.5-10.5 SH/T0749
S % 10.0-13.0 SH/T0749
Conclusion Meet the requirement of house standard.

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