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Methylcyclopentadienylmanganese Tricarbonyl (MMT)

CAS No.: 12108-13-3
MF:C9H7MnO3 5*
EINECS No.:235-166-5
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Type: octan promoter
Usage:Petroleum Additives
Packaging Details:200kgs/drum,1000kg/IBC drum,ISO TANK

MMT(Methylcyclopentadiene manganese tricarbonyl),methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl MMT



SD-98 type

 SD-62 type


Orange oily liquid

Orange oily liquid

Density (20 °C), g / ml



Manganese content (weight%)

≥ 24.4

≥ 15.1

 Flash Point, °C

≥ 80

≥ 40

Solidifying point, °C

≤ -1

≤ -22


 With gasoline, toluene immiscible, insoluble in water

With gasoline, toluene immiscible, insoluble in water

 Moisture, mg / kg

 ≤ 200

≤ 200

Methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl quality base percentage%


 ≥ 98%


≥ 62%


the performance characteristics of MMT(Methylcyclopentadiene manganese tricarbonyl)
(1) MMT can increase the gasoline octan number 
In one ten thousandth of gasoline by adding MMT, the manganese content of not more than 18mg / L, can increase gasoline octan number of 2 to 3 units.

(2)MMT can increase in vehicle power and reduce fuel consumption 
By the Ministry of Transportation motor transport industry and energy use monitoring center showed that the engine test aircraft: MMT additions of 90 # unleaded gasoline with non-MMT # 90 compared to unleaded petrol, the engine power and performance to lower fuel consumption.

(3) with oxygen, such as MTBE and ethanol were good with the group of 
MMT and MTBE, the octan number of ethanol to improve with better adduct, which provided for the production of high-grade gasoline convenience.Can meet the higher octan number, and avoid the use of MTBE due to excessive performance degradation caused by excessive automobile power, and can meet the "oxygen content not more than 2.7 percent" of the national standards.

(4)MMT can reduce pollutants in automobile exhaust emissions 
MMT additions of 90 # unleaded petrol and non-PPD 90 # unleaded gasoline in the exhaust gas compared to CO decreased 17.7%, HC decreased 18.2%.

(5), motor vehicle exhaust catalytic converters to improve the role of 
Phosphorus is recognized as toxic catalysts, MMT combustion to remove phosphorus and reduce the catalytic converter on the sediment, so the use of MMT fuel to extend the life of the catalyst, the catalyst to maintain a high conversion rate, so as to more effectively into the harmful gases, reduce pollutant emissions.

(6) MMT can improve refinery operations 
1.reduce the reformer operating severity 
2. reduce the aromatics content in gasoline 
3.reduce the olefin content in gasoline 
4.reduce the demand for crude oil 
(7) MMT can increase the flexibility of blending oil 
Through the rational use of MMT, MTBE, gasoline reforming, catalytic gasoline and straight-run out of petrol to the petroleum products of various specifications.



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