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Triethyl Orthofromate TEOF

CAS No.: 122-51-0
Molecular Formula:C7H16O3
EINECS 204-550-4

CAS No.:122-51-0

Product Name:Triethyl orthoformate

Synonyms:Ethyl orthoformate;Triethoxymethane;TEOF

Molecular Structure :

Molecular Formula:C7H16O3



EINECS 204-550-4





Colorless transparent liquid, sweet taste

Melting point < -18℃

Boiling point 146 °C(lit.)

density 0.891 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)

vapor density 5.11 (vs air)

vapor pressure 2.9 mm Hg ( 20 °C)

refractive index n20/D 1.391(lit.)

Flash point 30℃

storage temp. Flammables area

form Liquid

color Clear colorless

Water Solubility 1.35 g/L

Sensitive Moisture Sensitive


convoluted with alcohol and ether, slightly soluble and decomposable in water.



Appearance:Colorless & transparent liquid

Chroma(APHA):10 max

Purity:99.00% min

Ethanol content:0.45% max

Ethyl formate content:0.25% max

Impurity:0.25% max

Specific gravity(20℃):0.891-0.897

Boliling point:145-146℃

Water:0.04% max


Product Package:

Plastic drum or galvanized iron drum, net weight 180kgs per drum or according to the requirements of the customers.

Safety Data:UN 2524 3/PG 3


Product Storage: 

Put in a sealed, dry and ventilated place, Guard Against Fire.




To be used not only as intermediate of medicine and pesticide, pipemidic acid, EMME, Amitraz and so on, but also as intermediate of ntimalarial chloroquine and cyanine dye, photographic sensitivity agent, acrylic fibers, etc.

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